Lakefront Studio Update

A lot has changed since my last update!  With the change in seasons from winter to spring also came the change to our worlds with COVID-19 and social distancing. Many of our daily regular activities have either come to a full stop or now are being done in different and creative ways with the requirement to STAY HOME. With many businesses shut down, renovations and the opening of the NEW Journey Fitness + Wellness Lakefront Studio have been delayed.

May we have HOPE that like April showers bring May flowers, we will see an easing of social distancing and businesses starting to open up again. Like the buds of the flowers soon opening… my hope is that so too will arms open to the embrace of our loved ones once again and that the renovations to the NEW Journey Fitness + Wellness Lakefront Studio may continue. Doors will open as soon as possible. Stay tuned for opening day details …


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