30-Day MOVEment to Wellness Challenge 2022

With the new year upon us, you may have already set some resolutions or are still thinking about it. Maybe, like many other people, you are thinking about wellness goals – to lose a few pounds, eat better, exercise more… January is often a time when people resolve to start a new diet and sign up for a gym membership. Before too long diets are dropped and sedentary behaviours set in again. I believe every day is a new day to begin again. You don’t have to wait for another New Year to set an intention towards better health and wellness!

Let 2022 be different! Let’s set an intention together to live a happy and healthy life. Join me for the 30-day MOVEment for Wellness Challenge as we pledge to take the time for self-care on a daily basis for 30-days to build the foundation for a lifetime of wellness! It is my intention to guide you on this journey. This is not simply an exercise program – this is a chance for you to live a healthy and happy life!

Over the 30 days, we will meet virtually weekly from January 17 to February 7 for 75 minutes which includes a 1-hour class on Mondays, 8:00-9:00am or 5:00-6:00pm (time to be determined based on subscriber interest) followed by 15 minutes for questions/comments.

Cost: $80

Are you in? Please let me know and which time you prefer by e-mail by no later than Sunday, January 9.

Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live.” – – Jim Rohn

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