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Testimonial 4

Several years ago, I decided to try a Pilates class. I really liked it and decided to try another. This time I had a different instructor; it was just not the same and I didn’t enjoy it as much. I definitely preferred Deborah’s style of teaching. She has a calm, relaxing voice, she clearly demonstrates…

Testimonial 3

Thank you Deborah. I was supposed to be going to Costa Rica a year ago. Still needing to go… Your classes are keeping me focused and grounded through this.

Testimonial 2

I’ve enjoyed taking both Pilates and yoga series with Deb. She is a very knowledgeable, caring and patient instructor. She is passionate about her practice as well as caring about her clients’ needs. I would highly recommend Deb in supporting your journey to wellness.

Testimonial 1

I began my journey with Deborah when a friend recommended a class she was offering online. Her calm and welcoming personality drew me in. She also has a deep well of knowledge and experience. After that class, I signed up for the 8-week Breath Well Yoga series. When I began, I would feel revved getting…