Testimonial 4

Several years ago, I decided to try a Pilates class. I really liked it and decided to try another. This time I had a different instructor; it was just not the same and I didn’t enjoy it as much. I definitely preferred Deborah’s style of teaching. She has a calm, relaxing voice, she clearly demonstrates the positions and often offers alternate or optional moves. She consistently makes her routines interesting, challenging, yet comfortable. She always cautions us to listen to our body and rest if we need it, repeating that Pilates practice is individual and unique to you. Deborah’s professionalism, experience, and knowledge is obvious and actively demonstrated throughout the class. She directs participants’ focus on particular muscles, pace and depth of breath, and how each position benefits various parts of the anatomy. Over the years, I have found that I so appreciated the Pilates community that Deborah has built that I willingly have followed her to different yoga studios. I highly recommend “Gentle Pilates” with Deborah!