Introduction to Meditation

Class Description

Practicing meditation on a regular basis helps to lower stress and anxiety, and improves mood and concentration. This is a quiet practice that includes focused breathing, muscle relaxation and visualization to calm the chatter of the mind leading to mental, emotional and physical benefits.

Meditation may not always be easy, yet it has too many benefits not to do it. It positively affects your health, relationships and tasks. If you think you don’t have the time to meditate, would you change your mind if you knew that for every minute you meditate you can gain back 9 minutes of your day? More importantly, by meditating regularly, you will experience greater happiness and improve the quality of your life experiences!!

The 4 weekly classes will help you establish and maintain a consistent meditation practice. Whether you are new to meditation, had a practice and have fallen off your seat or are a regular practitioner, coming together in a group for meditation can feel very powerful and supportive.


This class is not currently on the schedule.  If you’d like to see it on the schedule soon, or would like to know when it will next be offered, please email or call (613.558.7480).