Fusion Fitness

Fusion Fitness: Define, Strengthen, Restore and Nurture Your Body and Soul!

Add variety to your fitness! Fusion workouts are an efficient non-impact way to build strength, muscle definition, endurance, flexibility, balance and overall mind-body health by blending elements of Pilates, yoga, barre, and fitness exercise.

No special equipment is required! It is a great way to create yang yin balance of body and mind. You will be left with a sense of calmness and restoration.

About the Class

Regular exercise is one of the best things you can do for your health. Scheduling exercise into your all-ready busy routine takes determination and discipline. You will quickly see and feel the benefits of a consistent practice on both the body and the mind including:

– feelings of happiness

– healthy metabolism

– healthy weight

– strong muscles and bones

– better balance

– increased energy

– reduced risk of chronic diseases

– increased blood flow

– better brain health and memory

– improved sleep

– help control and alleviate pain

– improved feelings of overall well-being

“Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live.” – – Jim Rohn

We will meet virtually weekly for a 1-hour class. Each week will be a total-body conditioning workout which blending Pilates, yoga, barre and fitness exercises:

– Pilates to build stronger core and better posture.

– Yoga to increase strength, balance, mobility and stability and mindfulness.

– Barre to elevate the heart rate and increase overall challenge.

– Fitness to complement yoga, Pilates and barre to achieve a strong and toned physique.

Exercises will change weekly to keep your sessions fresh and interesting, ensuring you don’t get bored and preventing the body from adapting to doing the same exercises over and over.

A recording of the weekly session will be made available to you for 7 days after each session. If the date/time is not convenient, you have the flexibility to come to the class on your own on another day/time that works better for you throughout the week as well as repeat the class as often as you like.

– A dedicated space set up and ready to go for your sessions

– Comfortable clothing

– A sturdy chair

– A yoga or exercise mat or improvise with a blanket or towel

– No special equipment necessary – just your body!

– Set of dumbbells 2, 3, 5 lbs (optional)

– Commitment, compassion and a good sense of humour!\

Dates, Times, Cost

This class is not currently on the schedule.  If you’d like to see it on the schedule soon, or would like to know when it will next be offered, please email or call (613.558.7480).