Book Review – How To Train Your Mind

How to Train Your Mind – Exploring the Productivity Benefits of Meditation by Chris Bailey

I just finished listening to this Audible Original. This book takes you on a mini meditation retreat with the author. In this short 3-hour retreat, he reveals in a humorous, practical and tactical way the productivity benefits of meditation; how and what you need to meditate and practice mindfulness including a few short practices; and how to stick with it! Although Chris approaches meditation primarily from the perspective of increasing productivity, he lists many other areas of your life that will undoubtedly be positively affected including work, relationships and health. Chris presents some of the research out there on meditation, mindfulness and productivity (his passion) as well as some of his own personal research.

He refers to meditation and the practice of mindfulness as a conditioning of the mind to become more focused and less distracted – like an athlete training for an event. Something as simple as one-pointed attention, on for example the breath, helps to make us more productive performing work tasks and other life tasks in less time. For every minute you meditate you can gain back 9 minutes of your day, e.g., meditating 20-minutes a day gives you back 180 minutes which equals to three hours!! More importantly, by meditating regularly, you will experience greater happiness and improve the quality of your life experiences and can make back 9 years of your life!! “Meditation is a habit that minute for minute will provide one of the highest possible returns on your time.” It will also allow you to experience life more fully.

Meditation may not always be easy, yet it has too many benefits not to do it. Whether you currently practice meditation, have fallen off the wagon or are curious to give it a try, this Audible Original will inspire you!

“By being with your breath, you learn to be with your life. The productivity benefits of meditation are nice but staying present with and appreciating your life as it unfolds in front of you is what meditation is all about.” – Chris Bailey

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