Book Review – Stay Woke

“If you can worry you can meditate.” – Justin Michael Williams

Have you ever been curious about meditation or thinking about starting a personal practice?

In this book, Justin introduces you to the “Freedom Meditation” technique. He shares personal stories, research findings and provides inspiration. In Part 1, you will be given the 10-step recipe to create your personalized daily meditation ritual that you can do on your own for life and which can be changed as your practice evolves. In Part 2, you can choose between 33 mini-practices to apply meditation to specific areas of your life. There are meditations for anxiety, stress, productivity, sleep, busy moms and dads, etc., with audio of the meditations also made available.

This book is no ordinary meditation book! It will guide you to wake up and remember that childhood dream of what you wanted to be when you grew up. The dream that was pushed to the recesses of your mind. The dream that was so easily replaced by dreams of wanting things to be different as you grew and were faced with many of life’s challenges. Dreams of safety when living with violence, dreams of family when coming from a broken home, dreams of security when you are living on the streets homeless… This book might just change your life!

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